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At Georgia College, we don't just study the liberal arts; we put the liberal arts into action. Through a rigorous and scaffolded framework, leadership development and community engagement are built into everything we do, whether in the classroom or beyond.


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Think Independently. Lead Creatively.

Learn what it means: Meet Cam

Meet Cam: A Leader in Social Justice and Inclusion. Cam Watts is passionately committed to social justice and inclusion. In his service as a Diversity Peer Educator and a student government senator, Cam works to foster an environment of equality and inclusion for all students at Georgia College. Learn more about how Cam is involved

Would you like to get more involved at GC and work to make a change in society like Cam? Contact the Office of Leadership Programs to find out more about the resources Georgia College has to offer you.

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Why Does Leadership Matter?

1. Leadership skills last a lifetime. 

Leadership skills enable you to succeed during college and in your career. Learning how to establish trust, build relationships, form a team, communicate ideas, empower others, innovate, and make decisions that will enable you to lead others competently.

2. The impact is real.

Effective leadership makes a meaningful difference in the quality of work you do and it changes the lives of those you work with.

3. The need is great. 

Leadership is needed in all sectors of society. Leadership does not depend on your major; we need teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, scientists, public servants, non-profit directors, and many other professionals capable of effectively working with others to create positive change.

4. The opportunity is here.

It is not the case that you either have these skills or you don’t; leadership can be learned. You simply need the desire to learn, a passion for your work, and the willingness to put in effort.